Steps on Postnuptial agreement creation

Indonesian postnuptial agreement is the opposite of The Indonesian prenuptial agreement on the process, where the postnuptial agreement is created, signed and legalized during the parties’ legal marriage. If for anonymous reasons you were unable to produce the prenuptial agreement prior your marriage,

the postnuptial agreement will be the ultimate solution for you as it has the same protection and legal effects to your marriage just like the prenuptial agreement, and the requirement for producing an Indonesian Postnuptial Agreement are:

  1. Your ID and Family Card;
  2. Your Spouse ID and Family Card;
  3. Your Children Birth Certificate; (if applicable)
  4. The Marriage Book or The Marriage Certificate;
  5. The Overseas Marriage Reporting Certificate; (if applicable)
  6. Particular Consent form Nominated Institutions; (if applicable)
  7. Historical Background of your household; (can be drawn manually or verbally described)
  8. Copies of bills, wire transfer slips, flight tickets;
  9. Certificates of land or home ownership;
  10. Anything related to your main objective;
  11. The Drafted Indonesian Postnuptial Agreement Application to the court; (Both you and your spouse will consent to it)
  12. Please provide at least two witnesses that will take the witness stand and provide their testimonial regarding your application to the court
  13. The Indonesian Postnuptial Agreement draft.
  14. The Power of Attorney to sign for the Indonesian Postnuptial agreement:
  • if you and your spouse are residing abroad, you may need to appoint an Indonesian attorney to do the signing of the Indonesian postnuptial agreement on your behalf.
  • Registration of the Indonesian Postnuptial Agreement with The Indonesian District Court:
  • Once the agreement has been finalized, please conduct the registration of the postnuptial agreement with the district court.
  • Please register the postnuptial agreement with The Indonesian Civil Registry for further authentication.