Stepchild adoption Indonesia

Indonesian stepchild custody is like an adoption process, private adoption in precise, and this kind of Indonesian child custody appears when you would like to hold full responsibility of your spouse’s children born from their previous marriage. This custody type is arise from the idea that parents are obliged by the law to nurture and to maintain the best for their children and are responsible for their children well being.

This Child Custody process is a standalone application which basically requesting the court to inaugurate you and your spouse as the custody holder of the stepchild. Just like other civil application to the court, there are main requirements that need to be fulfilled, such as:

The basic Exhibits:

  • Your ID and Family Card;
  • Your Spouse ID and Family Card;
  • The Children Birth Certificate;
  • The Marriage Book or The Marriage Certificate;
  • The Overseas Marriage Reporting Certificate; (if applicable)
  • Particular Consent form Nominated Institutions; (if applicable)
  • Historical Background of your household; (can be drawn manually or verbally described)
  • Copies of bills related to the child care, wire transfer slips regarding the child school tuition, child care, etc;
  • Anything related to your main objective, such as the reason why do you believe that the child will be better if its under your custodial rights.
  • Photos of your activities with the child, showing various backgrounds, etc;
  • The Indonesian custody application which consist the request to obtain the stepchild custody;
  • Please provide at least two witnesses that will take the witness stand and provide their testimonial regarding your application to the court