Prenuptial agreement Indonesia

Prenuptial Agreement in Indonesia is an agreement made, signed and legalized prior the marriage took place, the basic idea of the Indonesian prenuptial agreement is to create an obvious separation of wealth, properties, policies between the husband and the wife during the course of the marriage, and what will happen in the event that marriage broke down by divorce, death or otherwise.

Seeing the development of the Indonesian prenuptial agreement, the content of this agreement can be vary which includes other particular rights and obligations that both party will do during the course of the marriage.

The Indonesian prenuptial agreement is started by enlisting all of the items that both parties would like to enlist within the agreement, as specified by the Indonesian civil law, please be aware that the listed items should not violate the public norms. To make sure that your Indonesian prenuptial agreement is working and acknowledged by the Indonesian law, you should signed and legalized the prenuptial agreement prior, or at the latest on the same date of your marriage, as failure to do so will require court order to get your prenuptial agreement legalized and registered. Just like all civil proceedings in Indonesia, there are preparations and supporting documents that you will need to prepare prior incorporating this agreement.

  • Your ID and Family Card;
  • Your Spouse ID and Family Card;
  • List of all the assets and properties that you would like to enlist within the agreement.
  • if you and your spouse are residing abroad, you may need to appoint an Indonesian attorney to do the signing of the Indonesian prenuptial agreement on your behalf.
  • Once the agreement has been finalized, please conduct the registration of the prenuptial agreement with the district court.
  • Also register the Indonesian prenuptial agreement with The Indonesian Civil Registry for further authentication.