Police clearance certificate or Certificate of good conduct

The Indonesian certificate of good conduct or known as The Police clearance certificate is a piece of formal certification issued by The Indonesian precinct or The Police Headquarter office for various purposes, as specified by the applicant during the filling of the forms and submitting the supporting documentations.

Based on our previous cases, this certificate is mostly required for: Educational purposes; in terms that the applicant would like to study abroad. Immigration purpose; in term that the applicant would like to apply for Permanent resident to any particular countries. Working purpose; in terms that the applicant would like to work abroad. Other particular purpose, as specified by the applicant.

The certificate can be obtained directly and to be presented “as-is” to the applicant, meaning that if the applicant has previously engaged on some criminal activities during the stay in Indonesia, then it will be written clearly within the certificate. To produce this document, the following are the mostly required supporting documentations:

1. Copy of the applicant valid passport

2. Copy of the applicant ID Card or residency permit

3. Latest photograph sized 4x6cm

4. The fingerprint formula

5. The forms consisting of the applicant biographical information

The process will take less than one week to produce this document, and in most cases this document should be gathered with the chain legalization or Embassy legalization before it can be used internationally. On this site, we provide the two services based on any particular requests.