International-Indonesian Civil Case Proceeding

The Indonesian-International civil law regulates every legal aspects that contains foreign elements, either public or private law, since the main focus of The Indonesian-International civil law is the social life of the international community. That being said, meaning that the international side are the relationships, therefore each nations will have its own International civil law.

When an International case are being tried by an Indonesian courthouse, the judge will continue to use materials and rules of The Indonesian civil law, and combined with the rules of law that apply internationally in order to resolve the matter in accordance with The Indonesian law and regulations in effect.

During many trial hearing on International-matrimonial cases we had, the case will be observed through the point of view of the local law and gathered with the pacts, agreements and commonalities valid on the Indonesian-International civil law, which means that the case will be more likely to be examined under Indonesian law, i.e. some court decision with permanent legal force issued by the state of Australia will only be used as one of the supporting evidence in the trial process in Indonesia, where the results or the contents of the decision are not binding on the law in Indonesia, which means that the courts in Indonesia may issue a different verdict from the content of the decision of the Australian court, the court in Indonesia may fully refuse or completely accept to carry out the contents of the Australian court’s decision.

finding the perfect and the most suitable rationale and legal arguments upon an International-Indonesian civil case proceeding, in order to make the case viable and resolved in the favor of the petitioner can be challenging, as we need to be open for all aspects and rejections that is surely being applied by the defendant in order to refuse or to abandoned the liabilities.