Inheritance certificate Indonesia

An inheritance certificate is basically a document developed from a statement letter made and prepared by the heirs. The statement letter was consisting of particular information about who are the listed respective heirs and their biographical information, combined with a declaration of inheritance.

The statement letter is a vital document as it will be used as legal grounds to process the inheritance certificate, therefore it must consist of correct details and full disclosure regarding who will be the legitimate heirs, as failure to do so or should there is some data being falsified it might lead to fraudulent document.

Depending on what kind of inheritance being applied, principally speaking the process is all similar, and should be complied with the following support documents:

  • The heirs valid ID’s
  • The heirs valid birth certificate or similar;
  • The testator dead certificate;
  • The list of assets that will be claimed by the heirs

When the inheritance certificate is completed, it can be used to reclaim all belongings that is left by the testator, for example the inheritance certificate can be the basis of issuing a certification of land and building that is previously owned by the testator, or provides an authority for the heirs to enter into a sales and purchase agreement with a buyer should the heirs decided to sold the testator’s belonging.