Indonesian land board decision letter

Recently, we’ve received a request to authenticate the ownership of a piece of Land that was bought without any proper documentations, such certificate of ownership, purchase agreement, etc, all the owner have is an electricity bill and a sealed letter dated back in 1974 created in hand writing, mainly states about who own the land.

We’ve seen the whole documents and it appears that no authentication has been made for this land or any application being made or approved by The Indonesian National Land Board, In about two days after the client signed our power of attorney, we advise them to apply for the Decision Letter to the National Land Board Office, by first creating an application letter informing them about our requests to apply for the certification on behalf of the buyer.

In a couple of days we’ve received reply from the national land board office, which mainly states about their intention to create measurements on the land that we applied, also the officer is asking for our ability to attend and witnessed the land measurements. The process went well and all documents have been properly signed and approved by the local authority. One week afterwards, the official measurement letter was issued and consisting of the fields identification number, the states recognition and various data regarding the land. With this measurement letter, we then apply for an adjudication process. The proceedings was involving an attendance of the officers from the National Land Board, which doing the same measurement like being previously conducted during the land measurement.

There are two known process prior issuing the decision letter by The Indonesian land board, which is:

  • Measuring the exact size of the land by validating its limitations; and
  • Inspecting the land which mainly required in order obtaining this letter.

The decision letter itself, can be considered as the main requirements for issuing any type of land title, which can be the title of building rights, the title of ownership, etc. As the Legal Representatives on this matter, our attendance is mostly required in order to guide the officers during the activities on the land measurements and examination and guiding them to show the land limitations and showing the land historical background.