Indonesian Divorce rejection

The main purpose of filing an Indonesian divorce petition to the court or other similar civil Indonesian lawsuit is to obtain the court decree or court verdict, and that verdict will be further used as an institute to implement the next stages of the divorce or to proceed with the main objectives as stated on the petition.

The Indonesian divorce petition is a well drafted transcription and consisting of all the details regarding the household, an allegation appointed to the other party, the exhibits, the conflicts, the law that governs the divorce and specified request such as child custody rights, alimony, etc.

As all the process proceed, at the very end of the hearing sessions the court will eventually released their reply, by issuing the divorce decree as the summary of all the process conducted and decide whether the applied petition have met all of the requisite as defined by the law, either on the favor of the plaintiff or goes to the defendant. However, there are circumstances where things might gone wrong, which is other than granting the divorce petition accordingly, the court have chosen to issue the verdict that is totally unexpected and not in the favor of the petitioner and such verdicts are:

a). the verdict that states the divorce petition was aborted; this will happen when the divorce petitioner does not attend the court hearing on the specified date, as stated within the court subpoena. As the party who decided to appoint the case to the court, the petitioner is required to appear at the court to describe the case gradually, failure to attend the hearing session either in person or not being represented to attend the session will result in automatic cancellation of the case.

b). the verdict that states the divorce petition is not acceptable; there are various reason and considerations for this kind of verdict, such as the applied divorce petition is considered to violate either the absolute or the relative jurisdictions of the court, the divorce petition is considered to be obscure and indistinct, etc.

c). the verdict that states the divorce petition is rejected; Indonesian divorce lawsuit or similar civil petition should at least contain some allegations appointed to the other party, in turn such accusation will requiring the divorce petitioner or the divorce plaintiff to attest or to verify the accusation with the information supplied by the witnesses, supporting evidence, etc and failure to do so will result on the rejection of the said petition.

The court process is a lengthy and gradual proceedings, it is always best to prepare every details regarding your divorce petition accordingly other then rushing with the registration and fail to obtain the desired results.