Indonesian divorce mediation session

Indonesian Divorce would means, the only legitimate ways to ends your legal bounds called the marriage and the law states that divorce in Indonesia could only took place at the court right after the said court have tried to reconcile you and your spouse back to your house hold, by following certain hearing and court sessions as stipulated by the law.

On the field of practice, the phrase “to reconcile” would refer to the mediation process which is beyond the normal proceedings and this hearing is held by the Indonesian court through the appointed-Licensed mediation judge, once the divorce petition or the divorce application have been filed.

While the main idea for conducting the mediation held by The Court is to bring peace among the two parties, still there are principles and options that must be acquired through this process, which are: a). if the mediation process is succeed, meaning that the registered Indonesian divorce petition will be dropped by The Court, the case will not be continued and the court will states that you and your spouse will return to your marriage; or b). if the mediation is fail, means the Indonesian mediation judge could not settle the conflict between you and your spouse, the case will be continued to the next level, by giving the defendant a chance to reply or to counteract the petition filed by the divorce petitioner whether in written or verbally appointed.

Seeing the big picture, the divorce stages up until the mediation is conducted will be: a. The registration of the Indonesian divorce petition; b. The Indonesian Court will react towards the registered petition, by sending The Court Subpoena to you and your spouse to attend the hearing on the specified date; c. The Mediation sessions is conducted.

Now, you need to understand that the mediation sessions could take short or longer period of time purely depends on how you made your reply to the session, making an absolute state of mind prior filing for the divorce petition could save you more time on this quite-lengthy process, means that if you are 100% sure to proceed with the divorce then you will have fixed words to tell the court either directly or communicated by your attorney. Please keep in mind that nobody can impose whatsoever reasons regarding this process, it is purely based on your sole consent.