Foreign Nationals Getting Marry Under Indonesian Law

Performing legal marriages can took place anywhere in the world, including Indonesia. Two individuals of foreign nationals could held their legal marriage under the law of this country, by presenting the necessary supporting documents with the registrar, in example:

– Valid Passport’s Copy; as an Identification purpose.

– Written Notice given from The nominated Embassy or representatives in Indonesia; also known as The Non-impediment letter or Certificate of No Objection to marry.

– Recent photograph to be enlisted within the marriage book or marriage certificate.

– Police Report; stating about the good intention of conducting the marriage under Indonesian Law.

The marriage event can take place either at the registrar office or can be performed outside the office during normal working hours. Prior applying for the marriage registration, the parties must aware that all marriages performed in Indonesia should be based on religious similarity, meaning that both party should have the same religious believes, and this is the main requirement for the legal marriage registration in Indonesia.

The Indonesian marriage registration will be divided onto two ceremonies, where the first one is the religious ceremony and continued with the civil marriage ceremony, each ceremony will issue its own certification that when the registration is completed, the parties will received two certificates on their possession.