Embassy legalization Indonesia

Embassy legalization would means legalizing foreign public documents for the purpose of using the documents on the designated country, whether for change of civil status after the divorce took place in Indonesia, working documents, visa, education purposes, etc.

There are several method of doing the legalization as required by the designated embassy, however on most cases this type of legalization is conducted by the following means: a. legalization with the issuing office; b. legalization with the Indonesian Ministry of Justice; c. legalization with the Indonesian Ministry of foreign affairs; d. translating both the documents and the obtained legalization with the desired language, by using the sworn and authorized translator as specified by the foreign embassy; and e. the legalization with the embassy.

Most documents that requiring the foreign embassy legalization are:

  1. Divorce certificate;
  2. Divorce decree;
  3. statement of single hood certificate;
  4. Health and medical records;
  5. Education certificates;
  6. Working contract;
  7. Other relevant civil documents.

The legalization for change of civil status will be made on the back page of the original documents for easier authentication and the time frame required for finalizing the legalization is vary, depending on the policy made by each embassies.