Divorce under Indonesian law

Indonesian Divorce is the ultimate ways to dissolve the marriage legally where the outcome of this process will raise certain legal consequences, such as the custody rights of the children, the marital property disbursements and other particular items. If you are applying for Divorce in Indonesia, the following are the main requirements:

  1. The Basic Exhibits:
  • Your ID and Family Card;
  • Your Spouse ID and Family Card;
  • Your Children Birth Certificate; (if applicable)
  • The Marriage Book or The Marriage Certificate;
  • The Overseas Marriage Reporting Certificate; (if applicable)
  • Particular Consent form Nominated Institutions; (if applicable)
  • Historical Background of your household; (can be drawn manually or verbally described)
  • Copies of bills, wire transfer slips, flight tickets;
  • Certificates of land or home ownership;
  • Anything related to your main objective;
  • The Drafted Indonesian Divorce Petition; (if you are the petitioner)
  • The Witnesses preparation.
  • Please provide at least two witnesses that will take the witness stand and provide their testimonial regarding your petition to the court