Divorce Indonesia

The popular reasons for filing divorce in Indonesia and under Indonesian law are: a). one has committed an adultery, drinking, gambling, drug addiction and is hard to cure; b). one has left for two consecutive years, without permissions; c). one party is sentenced for five years; d). One have committed persecution, torment or molestation, that endanger other party; e). either is suffering a permanent physical disability that distract its ability to perform well as a husband or wife; and f). quarrels, continues contentions, an intolerable differences.

Now, those six Indonesian divorce reasons can be converted to an allegations towards the other party and are the most commonly used reasons to present to the Indonesian court or to appoint to the other party during divorce proceedings in Indonesia, and combination of at least two of those allegations could really create serious impact towards the other party, for example the accused party may lose the chance to obtain child custody rights upon their children, or might even loosing the alimony! (for moslem divorce proceeding).

During the divorce process in Indonesia, it is a common thing for one party to accuse the other party with an enormous accusations or to make unreasonable demands, however, the judges who holds the hearing of the case will then consider the said accusations and or demands by reviewing at least three supporting materials: a). the rebuttal and rejections made by the accused party; b). exhibits presented by the accuser that will support the accusations; and c). witnesses for the trial.

Should those three materials are sync, most likely that the accusation or the demands made by the accuser will be granted by the court, therefore it best to make absolutely sure that you have all of the precise exhibits in place, remember those who postulate are those who authenticate.