Child custody rights Indonesia

Indonesian biological child custody is obtained and granted by The District or Religious Court that holds the hearing of your divorce case, therefore in order to obtain child custody (whether sole child custody rights or dual custody rights) you will file for this rights parallel with your divorce petition, and the main requirements are exactly the same as the requirement for filing the divorce, which are:

The Basic Exhibits:

  • Your ID and Family Card;
  • Your Spouse ID and Family Card;
  • Your Children Birth Certificate; (if applicable)
  • The Marriage Book or The Marriage Certificate;
  • The Overseas Marriage Reporting Certificate; (if applicable)
  • Particular Consent form Nominated Institutions; (if applicable)
  • Historical Background of your household; (can be drawn manually or verbally described)

The Additional Exhibits:

  • Copies of bills related to the child care, wire transfer slips regarding the child school tuition;
  • Anything related to your main objective, such as the reason why do you believe that the child will be better if its under your custodial rights.
  • Photos of your activities with the child, showing various backgrounds, etc;

The Documents:

  • The Indonesian Divorce Petition which consist the request to obtain child custody; (if you are the petitioner)

The Witnesses:

  • Please provide at least two witnesses that will take the witness stand and provide their testimonial regarding your petition to the court