Building permit in Indonesia

A building permit is a certification given to a building owner, which states about the purpose of the building and the construction of the building, before obtaining the building permit, the applicant is required by the law to apply for the advice planning (so-called “KRK”), where the advice planning consist of the many information regarding the land plot and the city future plan.

Once you obtained the advice planning, you may then proceed to apply The Building Permit, which depends on how you will use the said building, either for rental house, boarding house, office purposes, etc. Commonly, there are two institutions where you can apply for The Building Permit:

  • The Local District Office; This is where you apply for the Building Permit for standard purposes such as regular house or standard building with single floor; or
  • The Mayor’s Office of where the land was located; this is where you apply for the building permit designated on commercial buildings, such as boarding house, Shop house, and all buildings with one up to eight floor tall.

Once you decide your intention on using the building and its purposes, you may directly apply for The Building Permit which customized based on your need. Please keep in mind regarding the required documentations, such as:

  • the original land certification;
  • the application letter;
  • personal identification letter;
  • statement of building mastery;
  • particular documents as requested further.

The process will took around two months for the whole process to be completed, further please ensure that you apply for the exact building permit that you need and in exact accordance with the real building scope, and vice versa.