Affidavit of foreign law

Few months ago, a colleague attorney from Singapore approach to us and explaining that he is currently handling a probate case, where he states that an Indonesian couple have passed away recently and that the couple have many assets left in Singapore. The daughter of the couple is currently in the process with The Singapore Court to obtain all belongings from her late parents. The colleague asks us to provide them with an affidavit of Foreign Law and as we know this document is mostly required on probate cases.

The content of the affidavit of foreign law is mainly speaks about a confirmation of the regulating law regarding the issue in demand, and connect it with the current situation where the daughter of the deceased is would like to reclaim all the assets and financial obligations of her late parents in Singapore, and to be granted letters of administration of the Deceased’s estate

After doing some further research we decided to take the case by first processing the heirs certification in Indonesia and doing certain legalization towards the following support documents:

  • The parents’ death certificate;
  • The legitimate heirs’ certificate;
  • The valid Passports;
  • The identification exhibits which confirms the relationship between the daughter and their late parents;
  • Various civil documentation and legal documentations regarding the case.

We took the documents to be legalized by The Indonesian Ministry of Justice and human rights, The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign affairs and The Singapore embassy in Jakarta, gathered with the affidavit of foreign law those documents are finally well accepted by The Singapore Court, the latest info we got, the case have been approved successfully and that the daughter have entitled all of her late parents estates.